Marmite Club

24/03/2018 dcro 2888

Marmite is considered to be a product which one could either love or hate, with nothing in between. We very much believe the same could

Voting is On!

19/03/2018 dcro 147

Following the closure of the voting period for the Brazilian hosts, the International voting period for the 2018 Annual has started. Officially, the proceedings have

Insanity Elsewhere: WINTERFEST

15/03/2018 dcro 863

Breaking news regarding the ever-tense TISC-Antarctica relations stormed through the social networks last weekend and left everyone in a state of genuine shock. The two

Dutch Jury Pulls a Shocker

12/03/2018 dcro 122

A shocking news came from the Netherlands this evening. Much to everyone’s disbelief, the long time Dutch team captain Heywoodu posted a reminder for the