Marmite Club

Marmite à la TISC

Marmite is considered to be a product which one could either love or hate, with nothing in between. We very much believe the same could be stated about certain songs that have appeared on the TISC stage. Having that in mind, a new club has been formed for such cases – the Marmite Club.

Grand total of 319 songs have taken part at various TISC contests over the years, however less than 1% of them have been granted a membership into this exclusive club. Membership requirements are quite simple: a song can enter the Marmite Club if more than 90% of its total contest points were achieved through medals.

Between all nine TISC editions held between 2013 and now, only 3 songs have managed to break the 90% barrier. Coincidentally, 90% barrier seems to be getting broken on every third edition: once at the 3rd TISC (2014 Open), once at the 6th TISC (2016 Annual) and at the 9th TISC (2017 Open).

FOJE – Kitoks Pasaulis (Lithuania, 2017 Open)

Going into 2017 Open, Lithuania was on a hot streak of having five straight top 10 finishes often accompanied by total scores of over 100 points. However, the table was about to be turned as Lithuania’s entry (first to be in Lithuanian language in years) couldn’t keep up with those standards. While not scoring much, only 24 points in total, Kitoks Pasaulis did receive a golden 12-points score from New Zealand and a 10-points score from Denmark. Additionally, it received a couple of single point scores, from India and Slovenia. This left Kitoks Pasaulis with 22/24 (91,67%) points coming from medals, and thus putting them into the Club. Kitoks Pasaulis placed 32nd in a field of 35 entrants.

Nautilus Pompilius – Posledneye Poseshcheniye (Russia, 2014 Open)

2014 Open was Russia’s second ever TISC appearance, following 2013 Open and the TISC premiere. This time Russia was represented with Posledneye Poseshcheniye, by Nautilus Pompilius, hungry for bettering 38 points score from twelve months before. It wasn’t to be however. Just like Lithuania 3 years later, Russia also scored points from only four juries: a triplet of bronze medals (from Azerbaijan, Montenegro and Serbia) joined by a single point score from Sweden. This left Russia with 30/31 (96,77%) points coming through medals. Posledneye Poseshcheniye eventually finished 31st in a field of 41 songs.

Communions – Forget It’s A Dream (Denmark, 2016 Annual)

2016 Annual saw the most incredible Marmite Club run, thanks to the Danish entry Forget It’s A Dream, by Communions. Forget It’s A Dream started the contest with a bang, scoring 12 points from the first jury to go – New Zealand. Denmark then went on to receive three more maximum 12 pointers by the 20th vote (from Algeria, Azerbaijan and Ireland). Quite remarkably, this left Denmark with 48 points, all coming from the gold medal scores. Denmark however couldn’t quite keep up this gold medal rush, as the streak was followed by a single point score from Chile at vote #22 and a silver medal score from Colombia at vote #33. With 59/60 (98,33%) points coming from medals, Forget It’s A Dream quite deservedly holds the Marmite Club membership. Forget It’s A Dream eventually placed 22nd out of 34 participants. On the medal table alone it finished in a highly respectable second position.