Breaking News: TISC-WINTERFEST Crossover Confirmed

After weeks of speculation, the TISC-WINTERFEST Crossover agreement has finally been confirmed

As we build up to the historic 10th edition of the Totallympics International Song Contest, preparations are also in full swing for the 6th and final edition of WINTERFEST (the so-called rival version to TISC).

And this edition of WINTERFEST also promises to be historic as it has been revealed that Antarctica are planning to put TISC members at the heart of their contest. The Antarctic WINTERFEST Committee had sent an official invitation to TISC to send an official to the contest as a special guest of honour. TISC has replied accepting the invitation and has released the following statement:

“We are delighted and honoured to accept the gracious invitation from our WINTERFEST counterparts and look forward to meeting with our Antarctic friends and enjoying what no doubt will be a top quality contest”.

Antarctica needs you!

The hand of friendship has been further extended by the latest announcement which promises TISC members a starring role in deciding the winner of WINTERFEST. Having been mired in controversy and secrecy throughout it’s short history, WINTERFEST wants to deliver the ultimate gesture of goodwill to their TISC brothers by allowing them to have a final say regarding the WINTERFEST winner.

WINTERFEST will be held in its usual Grand Final format, with each participating national jury awarding points from 1 to 12. However, the winner will not be quite decided yet, as the top 3 from the final scoreboard will be taken forward into a special vote to be conducted by TISC community. Winner will then be decided by an anonymous and voluntary poll that will be set up on TISC-News between April 22 (closing day of WINTERFEST) and April 27 (opening day of TISC). WINTERFEST champion will be officially announced on a special ceremony during the Grand Final lunch break on April 28.

There was no shortage of goodwill in response as the organizing committee of the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest offered an invitation to Antarctica to send a delegation to take part in the Jubilee celebrations in Brazil and furthermore has promised them that they will be allowed to march in the Opening Ceremony along with the other 42 (provisional) competing nations. And although TISC rules strictly only allow competing nations to vote, as a gesture of goodwill they will allow Antarctica to submit their own set of votes for the contest. Although these scores will not count towards the final tally a TISC spokesperson outlined that it is important to show their Antarctic friends that their input and presence is highly valued.

And as a tribute to the very first contest in which Lebanon appeared as a “ghost entry” on the scoreboard despite being withdrawn, Antarctica too will appear for the very first time on the TISC scoreboard and be called upon to vote just like the other nations. As to their starring position on the scoreboard… Well, fittingly, for the 10th edition, they will be placed in 10th place in the voting order.

It appears as if all the stars have aligned at last for Antarctica’s absence on the TISC stage to be ended and to conclude an enduring and eventful saga in the TISC-WINTERFEST rivalry. After all, what could be more fitting for the 10th edition Jubilee celebration?

The 6th and final edition of WINTERFEST is scheduled to take place on the weekend before TISC (April 20-22), with the special TISC voting taking place during the following week. The previous winners, all representing Antarctica, included:

  • 2015 Open: Antarctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Ice Rink (Antarctica)
  • 2016 Annual: Antarctica Clear-Ice Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Ice? (Antarctica)
  • 2016 Open: Penny Hemingway – Man! I Feel Like A Penguin (Antarctica)
  • 2017 Annual: Pyngi Snower – Penguins Just Want To Have Fun (Antarctica)
  • 2017 Open: The Penguinettes – Mr Penguin (Antarctica)

Who will take home the honours on the next and final WINTERFEST? You may very well decide!

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