Voting Draw Brought Forward, Festival of Music Postponed – TAISCOC Reports

A new schedule change has been revealed today by the Organizing Committee (TAISCOC) of the upcoming Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, to be held in Brazil in about a month time.

Official voting order draw has been moved one day forward, from Sunday, April 8 to Saturday, April 7. This schedule change has in turn caused the beginning of Festival of Music to be postponed by a week, from Saturday, April 7 to Saturday, April 14.

In a brief statement, Vinipereira, the TAISCOC president, explained: “Just a quick announcement regarding a schedule change. The Voting Oder Draw, that was previously scheduled for Sunday April 8th, will happen Saturday April 7th. @OlympicIRL will direct the proceedings, for which I’m already grateful. The Festival of Music, that was previously scheduled for that day, has been pushed back a week to Saturday April 14th.”.

Voting order draw has become one of the most popular parts of TISC in recent editions, and it is strongly believed that this one will be all the more special taking into account the Jubilee celebrations. However, no details about the live draw show have been revealed at this point.

Drawing procedure has already been initiated to a certain extent, with Antarctica being awarded the 10th position in the voting line. Antarctica is scheduled to make a historic guest appearance at TISC.

Annual 2018 is currently in the International Voting Window stage, which will be concluded on Friday, April 6, at 23:00 (GMT -03:00).


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