Jubilee Gala Event Celebrated

Theatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro

With only two days separating TISC community from the upcoming 2018 Annual Grand Final, a special Gala event has been organized to mark the jubilant 10th edition of the popular Totallympics forum song contest. This new TISC feature took place at Rio de Janeiro’s Theatro Municipal on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Gala event started off in the late afternoon with a spectacular red carpet presentation of the participating teams, which featured the very first red carpet walks in TISC history. Participants were arriving to the red carpet in total of 11 groups, which were organized according to the very first TISC Team Challenge draw. Hosting side arrived last and was expectedly greeted with the biggest cheers. Lack of experience when it comes to walking the red carpet didn’t seem to bother the participants, as they owned the spotlight and were greeted by thousands of screaming fans. There was a bit of a scandal however in a sense that OlympicIRL, leader of the four-time victorious Irish team, was seemingly unaware of dresscode requirements. While everyone else walked the stage in the occasion-proper attire, OlympicIRL was marching with a hoodie and a pair of trainers. With million reporters around, this incident soon went viral and by the next day OlympicIRL’s scandalous attire was featured on the cover of several prominent tabloids. Participants were escorted to and from the Gala event with luxurious limo drives, compliments of the organizers.

Once all of the guest have arrived, a special dinner inside Theatro Municipal’s Assyrian Hall could finally commence. Participants were served a three-course Brazilian meal. Meals were prepared by Alex Atala, one of Brazil’s most prominent chefs. Mr Atala lated admitted that he felt honorued, but also rather nervous while preparing meals for this unique event. Dinner menu was as follows:

  • Entrée
    • Green tomato gel with Amazon leaves, Peruvian toasted corn and edible flowers
  • Main course
    • Pirarucu fish cooked in banana leaf with herb stems farofa
  • Dessert
    • Acai mousse with Brazilian nuts
    • Pineapple with Sauva ant.
Second part of the Gala revolved aroun the Theatro Municipal stage

Following the dinner, participants were relocated to Theatro Municipal proper, where they witnessed a series of music performances. Music part of the Gala was opened by Ouro Preto’s orchestra who performed their renditions of Amazing Grace and more cheerful With A Little Help From My Friends tune. A presentation of the most popular Festival of Music entries then take place. The presented entries were Australia’s My My My!, by Troye Sivan, DR Congo’s Tokoliana, by KOKOKO! and Spain’s No Vaya A Ser, by Pablo Alboran.

Talented trio of DJ Alok, Bruno Martini and Zeeba performed an acoustic version of Hear Me Know, a song that finished in a silver medal position at the 2017 Annual and thus gave Brazil an opportunity to become the very first TISC host from the southern hemisphere. Following their emotional presentation, Zara Larsson, one of the 2018 Annual participants, climbed the stage with Clean Bandit where they performed a hit single Symphony, much to the audience’s delight.

The very final stage of the Jubilee Gala featured TISC logo presentation. Seeing how TISC is about reach double digits editions-wise, it was only logical that the TISC movement gets its very own logo. And so it did. The logo was designed by Vinipereira, with a help of TISC-News editors OlympicIRL and dcro. There are two main features of the logo: globe and headphones. The globe represents the global nature of the contest – while the headphones emphasize that the contest revolves around music.

Jubilee Gala proceedings ended with another Ouro Preto Orchetra composition – Desafio.

OlympicIRL presented a special synopsis about the very first TISC edition, the 2013 Open. Report can be read here.

Opening ceremony of the 10th edition Jubilee is scheduled Friday, April 27, at 17:00 local time (GMT -03:00). Grand Final meanwhile will take place all day Saturday.


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