TISC Delayed Due to Danish Internal Conflict

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”…. as one source put it, quoting the words of the eternal bard, William Shakespeare. TISC-News has tonight been passed some worrying information regarding the organsiation of the upcoming TISC Open 2019, the 13th edition of Totallympics’ flagship music contest.

There are reports tonight that the organisation of TISC Open 2019 has been thrown into chaos with the organising committee mired in internal conflict and political wranglings. Our sources have also revealed that the opening of the TISC Open 2019 thread has been delayed as a result of this petty squabbling as it was understood that the thread would have been opened over 1 week ago.

The cause of this internal turmoil is not clear, but it is understood that a power-struggle is unfolding within the Danish organising committee, and it has been suggested that there is unease among some long-standing members with what they see as a power-hungry minority that have infiltrated the Danish national committee in recent times, hell-bent on controlling every aspect.

This is just the latest in a long line of spats which have beset the Danish national committee over the years, and when asked to provide a statement on the situation, they were unavailable for comment.

Denmark are hosting this year’s edition of the Totallympics Open International Song Contest on the back of Tina Dico’s victory in 2018, with her entry Sacre Coeur taking home the prize.


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