TISC – The Tenth Edition Special

The upcoming TISC Annual in Brazil, to be held in early 2018, will mark an important milestone for the Totallympics International Song Contest.

Not only will it be the first edition to be hosted by South America, a milestone in itself, but it will also mark the 10th edition of the song contest. TISC has come a long way since that landmark inaugural edition way back in November 2013 which started the contest with a bang and captured the hearts and minds of the Totallympics community.

So to celebrate the 10th edition of TISC, we want to make the upcoming contest as special as possible. And to do that…. well that’s where all of you come in to play! We want your views on how to mark the occasion.

What kinds of special elements would you like to see at TISC Annual 2018? All ideas are welcome and consideration, however novel they might seem. Any special once-off dynamics that you think would be worthy of marking an important milestone? Be creative with your ideas!

Simplicity, integrity and community spirit are the important elements that has made TISC a success and these values will always be at the fore-front when considering any new elements.

With those thoughts in mind, it’s over to you and look forward to seeing you all in Brazil in 2018!


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