Algeria Officially Entered

Algeria is the 9th largest country that ever took part at TISC

The controversy surrounding Algeria’s participation has been seemingly resolved as Bestmen and Algeria have been officially entered by the organizing committee. Vinipererira, the TAISCOC president, communicated with OlympicIRL (TISC president), Sindo (TISC platform owner, non-participating stakeholder) and Bestmen (Algerian juror) to get this issue resolved.

Vinipereira pointed out however that Algeria’s participation is merely provisional, and is very much a subject to application of Section 6 (Eligibility, Conduct and Responsibility of Participants) of the Totallympics Song Contests Official Rulebook.

It’s the Rule 6. (e) that is very much in question, which stipulates the following:

Participating users must be respectful when posting and discussing with other members
on the Totallympics International Song Contest Thread.
Furthermore, Vinipereira emphasized that there will not be any tolerance for violation of the specified rule, and that the sanctions could even include suspensions as well as deletion of the unacceptable content.

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