The Totallympics International Song Contest, commonly abbreviated to the acronym TISC, is a community-based song competition in which members of the sports forum Totallympics.com participate in a twice-annual musical contest.

TISC takes place twice a year on the Totallympics forum, with an Annual edition in the first part of the year and an Open edition in the second part of the year.

The Annual edition focuses solely on newly-released material from the previous 12 months whereas the Open edition is more encompassing, excluding only music released within the previous 5 years. As such the Open edition often showcases a wide range of music from different eras, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and indeed music from the 21st century.

The Annual edition is commonly referred to as TAISC or TISC Annual and the Open edition is commonly referred to as TOISC or TISC Open. All editions, whether the Annual or Open version, can be referred to as TISC and each contest is given equal merit.

So how does TISC work?

Participants register on a specific thread created on the Totallympics website for the relevant contest. To participate you must be a member of the Totallympics forum and new criteria will be introduced soon in terms of length of time registered and number of posts needed in order to take part in TISC.

Once the basic criteria is met, the user will represent their nation in the contest. Representing your nation consists of two parts: 1 – nominating a song and artist from your nation to compete in the song contest and 2 – forming a national jury and judging the songs from the other competing nations.

Participating nations nominate a song and artist to represent their nation within the required timeframe (as specified on the specific TISC thread) with the aim of winning points from the other international juries.

After all songs are submitted and the registration deadline has passed, all participants must rank their favourite songs and submit their votes in private, these votes forming the national jury votes of that participant’s nation. If more than one person from the same nation wishes to participate then they agree a song choice and artist to represent their nation and they individually submit their jury votes in private. The results of these votes will be combined and form a single set of marks which will form the national jury vote of that nation.

The votes of all the national juries are sent in private and will only be revealed during the Grand Final, a live event taking place on Totallympics. The national juries will be called upon, one-by-one, to announce their votes and the scores from all the national juries are added up, eventually crowning a winner – the song that receives the greatest number of points at the end of the voting.

Full rules and details are available on the Totallympics.com website.

But TISC is so much more than a song contest. It is a celebration of culture between nations and a place for people from around the world to share their love for music and feel part of a community in doing so. You will certainly learn something new when you participate in the Totallympics International Song Contest, that is for sure!

Now you have some idea of what TISC entails. Though to gain a full understanding you need to participate, so get registering and see you soon at the next contest!