Top 40

More than 300 songs have appeared over the course of Totallympics International Songs Contests history. Some have performed well, some not so much. One question remains: How to determine the most successful songs of all-time? Top 40 provides unique pound-for-pound rankings of all TISC songs, irregardless of the contest from which they came from.

What is Top 40?
The term “Top 40” for a radio format appeared in 1960. In the music industry, Top 40 is the list of the current 40 most popular songs. It is the list of the best-selling or most frequently broadcasted popular songs. The Top 40 was a dominant radio format in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

How are the rankings determined?
Top 40 TISC songs are determined by using points-per-jury (PPJ) average from their respective contest. This formula is being used to counterbalance different number of entries on various contests. Total number of points earned by a song is divided by the number of participating juries (with the jury of the nation concerned being excluded).

Example A
Total points: 107
Participating nations: 41
PPJ: 107 / 40 = 2,68

Example B
Total points: 91
Participating nations: 34
PPJ: 91 / 33 = 2,76

TISC-News provides the following Top 40 lists: